Dentist in Melbourne Explains the Difference between Veneers, Caps, and Crowns

Patients are often confused about the right terms to use in describing the particular oral service they want from their dentists. Having experienced this firsthand, dentist Melbourne is set to erase all these confusions from all those who care so much about their oral health as well as what they intend doing to enhance their natural looks.

Your beautiful teeth are natural and whatever you can do to improve its health is worth mentioning. The first thing that spurs people on to undertake one dental care service or the other is enhancing their looks. Charming smiles reveal clean and well-set teeth that not only improve your physical appearance but also add to your social security in terms of confidence.

So, if you’re one of those confusing these dental terminologies, this article will help you set things straight.

Crowns versus caps

Crowns and caps in dental treatment mean the same thing. You can say either you need dental crowns or you need dental caps. Both are often placed on teeth for some obvious reasons such as when the teeth are naturally weak and need additional strength, when there is a tooth fracture and there is the need to keep broken parts together and when the need to add extra material to worn down/broken tooth arises. Porcelain and metals are often the materials used for dental caps and crowns.

What are Veneers?   

Dentist Melbourne advises patients to opt for dental Veneers when they have stained teeth, a worn down tooth, poorly shaped teeth either from birth or due to accidents, when they intend masking a rough tooth and any affected teeth. Veneers are done for the sole purpose of cosmetology. They are made of resin or porcelain materials and tied to the front area of the teeth in order to enhance their looks. What is the challenge of your teeth right now? Meet with professionals who have helped many patients to guide you on the right step to take.

Dentist Melbourne has successfully helped a lot of patients with this dental procedure. If you have any questions regarding veneers, just get in touch and you will be fully satisfied.

Dental Onlays

These are often used when filling up seemingly large cavities, which are more complicated to undergo normal procedural fillings. Though severe, they are below the use of dental crowns. This implies that dental crowns are for more intense oral treatments. Onlays are used to cover the chewing surface of the teeth; the round edges. It may be used to cover just one tooth or more depending on the degree of the treatment being required. For their materials, Onlays are of composite metals, gold, and porcelain. It is always difficult to differentiate them from the normal teeth as their materials often match the color of the teeth. Unlike dental crowns, your dentist will remove just a few of your teeth when fixing them in. This implies that crowns are more involving.

Dental inlays

These are just like Onlays but used between tooth edges at the center of the surface. It is also used instead of dental crowns when the filling needed is not so large and complicated.

Dental Fillings

When tooth decay occurs in the mouth, there is a cavity–like a hole that needs to be filled. Dental fillings are used for closing up such cavities. You can also opt for fillings if you need to enhance the appearance of your broken tooth.

Final thought

Do you have any dental related questions bogging your mind? Dentist Melbourne will be ready to entertain your questions regarding various dental treatments and other cosmetic services that affect your dental care. Do not forget the benefits attached to seeking qualified dentists and engaging in regular dental procedures.